About AstralWeb

Some people willfully discover Astral Travel after hearing about it from someone else, or reading about it, but many people experience Astral Travel spontaneously and unexpectedly, which can be both thrilling and frighting.

Astral Travel or Astral Projection usually begins with an OBE or Out of Body Experience. However, experiencing an OBE is not the same as Astral Travel, you can experience an OBE without going on to Astral Travel or Projecting your Astral Body onto the Astral Plane.

Still, both OBEs and Astral Projection involve the separation of your Self from your physical body. People who've had NDEs (Near Death Experiences) often experience OBEs and even Astral Travel. However, willfully experiencing an OBE and Astral Travel cannot lead to death, but it does scare people because if its similarity with dying when experienced spontaneously.

There are many mysteries and miraculous things one can discover on the Astral Plane, where one is floating outside one's body in a state similar to dreaming but more aware, perhaps more like lucid dreaming only it's not really a dream.

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